The Pandemic Issue: Let’s Get Together!

In Singapore, the COVID-19 pandemic has restrained the social life of seniors with the implementation of safe management measures (SMM) in the neighbourhood. The lack of physical activity and social interaction eventually led to a rise in health issues and psychological distress, with suicide cases among seniors in 2020.

To understand the needs and struggles faced by seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic, a series of interviews from two high ageing populated estates and surveys were conducted to explore the relationship between neighbourhood amenities and their social habits. Mature neighborhood estates in Singapore were designed to provide independence for older residents by supporting their mobility and safety, in which seniors enjoyed spending their leisure time with their friends. However, it was evident that not all seniors were actively involved in their neighbourhood, as the amenities had not piqued their interest. Therefore, the practice of social innovation is needed as the engagement with residents through social conversations would help to achieve new ideas to enhance their social experiences in the neighbourhood. Additionally, the presence of Community engagement would also promote a sense of social responsibility which would help build community resilience.

This project aims to improve the well-being of older adults living in the mature neighbourhood estates during the COVID-19 pandemic through social innovation by reopening possible ideas to enhance social experiences to foster community resilience. A total of three deliverables will be presented and each of them will serve its purpose of catering to different groups of residents in the neighbourhoods.

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