When The Body Speaks

This project seeks to find ways of embodying humanistic qualities in letterforms, exploring the possibility of new type expressions through the visual interpretations of dance movements. Through the method of light painting photography, 7 dancers were gathered to perform a 30-second choreography of their own, with no restrictions in the choice of music they would move to and the freedom to express themselves. Picking out a wide range of variations of letterforms from the dancers’ light paintings would examine the parallel between dance and type, with the main objective of showing how expressive our bodies can be by telling the dancers’ story through dance movements and how that could influence type — a carrier of expression. Having many commonalities in terms of the ideology behind experimental type design works in many visual identity projects like culture, art movements, or people; When The Body Speaks aims to use our body and dance movements as a medium in the exploration of type expression, creating the awareness to bring type back to its core, which is our body — an organic entity.

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