Crafted Objects

Since the invention of 3D-Printing in the early 1980s, we have seen a Third Digital Revolution called Digital Fabrication. With the rise in Digital Fabrication, we are now witnessing a new creative moment known as the ‘digital artisans movement’, where digital artisans are producing products of exceptional quality through digital design and fabrication.

Crafted Objects is a reflective design and making project that explores the rise of digital fabrication and its effectiveness as a tool for craft production, in order to uncover ​​possibilities for hybrid craft production. The explorations are divided into four parts: 3D-Modelling, 3D-Printing, Materials and Traditional Casting Techniques.

By analysing the relationship between traditional craft and digital fabrication, this project seeks to discover what it means to be a craftsman, in the age of digital fabrication, and in doing so, open up conversations among makers and craftsmen who are interested in exploring new production methods.

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