Aisling: Within the Walls of Fiction and Reality

The fourth wall is an imaginative wall built between the audience and the fictional world, which makes the fictional characters unaware of our reality. Vice versa, breaking the fourth wall suggests situations where the fictional world is aware of the audience and even of their fictionality. It is a narrative tool that can create a uniquely immersive experience. However, most creators use it as a one-off gimmick throughout the story. Therefore the project researched and explored different kinds of use of the narrative tool in various mediums, especially in the circumstances in which it poses a crucial influence on the story itself. With this knowledge, the project creates trans-medium fiction as a demonstration for creators who are interested in breaking the fourth wall.

The project uses the protagonist Aisling as a vehicle to explore three different mediums critically by using breaking the fourth wall: comics, websites (moving images), and board games. The project builds narrative into the medium's features and explores how we approach different mediums, and how they approach us. These link the worlds of fiction and reality together to create a unique narrative experience.

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