Guide to Neighborhood Experience of Elderly Residents: 52 Cassia Crescent

In response to the philosophy of ageing in place in Singapore, Guide to Neighborhood Experience of Elderly Residents: 52 Cassia Crescent is a photo report of the everyday spatial experiences of elderly residents – navigating the route of the area, finding comfortable spots to sit around, and interacting with the people they are close to – with an overlay of personal interpretation of observing the neighbourhood.

The observation site is situated in the unique context of Blk 52 Cassia Crescent, where the residents here were relocated from Dakota Estate back in 2016-2017. The majority of the residents here are elderly and were not homeowners, but they rented the home from HDB. A range of concerns surfaced during the relocation process related to physical challenges, disruption in daily routines and community activities, and the change in the neighbourhood environment.

The outcome is a hand booklet containing two photo-report books and a site explainer, with a map provided in each book showing the route and spatial experiences from 52 Cassia Crescent to an eating and shopping destination around the area. It is meant to serve as an 'exhibition guide' within the 10-minutes walking distance around the neighbourhood. By doing so, the readers can compare the happenings of when each photo in the book was taken with their encounters at the time and hope to show the action and inaction of elderly residents in their spatial environment to understand how a place accommodates the elderly's needs and give each place a distinct character.

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