Mind Your Emotions

Mind Your Emotions is a design project which aims to be a means for lower primary children (age 5–8) to learn about expressions of feelings and emotions. This project is continuously crafted, supported by the fact that the term emotions itself already has a deep meaning. Emotions are also a strong and tough term to understand.

This project takes its step by creating an outcome in the form of an illustrated book. This illustrated children’s book is for all the little boys and girls to learn about expressing their emotions and feelings. This project will consist of two books; a journal and an activity book.

In the series of the books, there will be several characters that will lead, play and learn together. Bits of exciting content about each type of emotion have been beautifully crafted into some interactive content that requires some crafting, imagination, and ideation activities.

The idea of a journal book is to help the children express their feelings through writings and/or drawings so the adults can see and look through their sketches (a guidebook for the adults will also be provided). Hence, the idea of an activity book will try its best to engage the children to learn about emotions through stories and simple activities such as drawings and colorings.

With hope, through this book children will want to learn and know more about the different types of emotions.

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