Advances in modern technology has given audio production a plethora of possibilities when it comes to sound synthesis. With the rise of digitally produced sounds and sound sampling, pure tone sounds are often neglected even though they can be used as building blocks to produce complex sounds. By manipulating pure tone sounds, it gives the opportunity to create newer sounds that are ‘unheard’ of within our surroundings. As such, when we listen to digitally produced sound compositions, we often do not have a visual reference to what we are listening to.

SONOCULAR focuses on the visualisation of digital sounds, by rethinking the relationship between our senses of sight and hearing through sound visualisation. Using a database of experimental electronic compositions made using a digital audio workstation, visual responses is analysed in real-time using a sound visualisation artefact that responds to each composition. Each composition is an exploration of manipulated pure sine tones affected by different audio effects: Time, Dynamic, Spectral & Modulation.

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