Reframing Biophilia

Biophilia is the innate affinity with the natural world, which is being manifested in the rising trend of indoor gardening in the past decade. Lately, this trend has exploded into a houseplant craze that has made headlines and gained social media virality mainly due to the increased time spent indoors during the COVID pandemic.

The lack of barrier to entry and the streamlined purchasing process has made owning a plant very easy and accessible to first-timers. In addition, most, if not all respondents from the primary research underestimated the effort and time needed to take care of the plant.

Hence, the project seeks to slow down the purchase funnel of houseplants and to make the target audience rethink their purchases by educating them on the necessary steps and knowledge to properly care for a plant.

This is done by introducing barriers to entry in the two main places where the target audience will make their purchases from. Which, according to the survey, are physical nurseries and online stores.

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