Understanding consumer behaviour of fashion-conscious youths to provide a service enabling them to express their creativity and individuality, while accentuating slow fashion.

The project examines consumer behaviour of Singaporean youths between 16 to 25 years old and analyses how they express themselves on social media through fashion. The project, Buffer, provides a service to enable them to express their creativity and individuality through fashion with apparel customisation using textiles from manufacturers and thrift stores, while accentuating sustainable and slow fashion.  

The platform provides a creative outlet which enables users to customise their own fashion apparels, while aiding them to transition into a conscious fashion shopper by providing an alternative platform that enables them to continue to shop sustainably.

The platform seeks to partner with thrift stores and manufacturers from Southeast Asia to procure their excess textiles or garments as a result of overproduction or defects. These textiles and garments would be used as materials for users to create and customise their own clothes on our platforms. Additionally the platform aims to be transparent of where materials were procured as well as the amount of labour behind each textile and garment.

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