Existential Objects

Existential objects explore the concept of social awareness in digitally mediated collaboration, which entails being aware of the presence of others, through communicating the timing, frequency, and intensity of an individual activity.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to accelerate the shift to hybrid learning and working, forcing collaborative work to be digitally mediated. The role of technology has become more prominent than ever,  as it has allowed synchronous and asynchronous interactions in the collaboration process possible regardless of time or space constraints. Given the fact that technology promises better connectivity, it could also lead to a constant need to be connected to others.

When we look at everyday objects around us, they use subtle cues to alert us to a situation, such as a ticking clock notifying us of the passing of time. Therefore the project takes on inspiration from these everyday objects from their forms to their functions. These everyday objects might well give implications for designing interfaces that go beyond the usual screen, and try to build a schematic model of the situation through subtle signifiers given by the objects. Playing with the balance of separation and connectedness of interacting with others through technology, the project questions digital collaboration tools' intention of constant connectivity.

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