What It Takes

What It Takes is a project which provides marketing professionals with a framework to ensure the success of a luxury fashion and high-street brand collaboration, without running the risk of impairing the brand image of the luxury brand. Through the study of luxury fashion collaboration consumption and the purchase intentions of consumers aged 20 to 34, a series of speculated collaborated products are designed, as case studies, with the employment of the framework.

The project also provides an online platform to help collate data from design/marketing practitioners to testify to the effectiveness of the framework. These practitioners are able to get to implement the given framework and submit their speculated luxury fashion and high-street collaboration entry on the website and see how it fares through a voting system from the public. Providing more than just the access to marketing resources, such as consumers' research and framework, these practitioners or professionals can create exposure for their brands or themselves as they submit an entry of their speculated collaboration.

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