Junkyard Propaganda

Junkyard Propaganda uses participatory design as a tool to raise awareness on the capitalistic nature of design. As junk flyers are evidently are a part of our everyday lives, they are chosen as a medium to reflect on as they cover capitalism’s ideology and control on the audience.

Junkyard Propaganda aims to be inclusive through participatory design by inviting the public to take part in this creative movement by taking control of the imposed agenda from junk flyers and repurposing them. With the intervention of these capitalistic measures, Junkyard Propaganda hopes that the public would reconsider the purpose of junk flyers.

As Junkyard Propaganda is driven by participatory design, a workshop would be conducted as part of the deliverables. The workshop’s purpose guides the attendees to be much more conscious of the audience’s narrative by creating their own using the repurposed junk flyers’ visual elements. This helps to further comprehending the direction and create something more than superficial as compared to the junk flyers.

Instead of having a commonly predictable outcome set by designers, it is essential to understand that we need to start including the audience to be part of the scheme of things as a different approach to experiences and purchases, thereby developing understanding about the intentions behind the pieces of works.

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