Market saturation and the newer generation’s obsession with uniqueness and individuality fuel competition among brands in creating a product that stands out from the others. This resulted in many brands resorting to mass customisation as it lets the consumers modify some features of their product before purchasing it. Commonly found customisation services include: (1) changing the colour or material of the product, (2) adding engravings or embroidery, and (3) printing images on the product.

Mass customisation brands encourage their consumers to appear different and to upgrade their products by giving them access to unlimited design possibilities. 100% UNIQUE (SUPPOSEDLY) comments on the phenomenon that it seems to be diverting the consumers’ attention from the product’s actual design to unnecessary embellishments. Giving the consumers endless colour options and decorations instead of producing a few good designs seems like an instant and senseless solution to the demand for individuality.

This project does not only aim to criticise mass customisation brands that it is promoting a false idea of uniqueness and individuality but also to invite the audience to reflect upon themselves their consumption habit and their responses to marketing tactics to be more thoughtful when choosing a product to buy.

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