Own Time!

Studying Generation Z of the early 2020s — the most affected generation by the fast-paced society — to question the current Information Age's common short-term ways of coping with symptoms of Alienation due to the rapid changes in technology. This project recognises analog journaling as a slow parallel of the digital environment, social media; the hyper sped-up version of documenting and sharing of bits and pieces of our lives. Re-learning our modes of communication, documentation and reflection of our thoughts and emotions in order to resonate with ourselves.

This understanding of correlations and contradictions in a Fast World informs a slow craft revival to contrast this generation’s habits in the digital age. Exploring several ways of analog journaling in an exaggerated manner, comes a compilation of Ways to Slow Down through this practice. An analog journal itself is simultaneously produced based on a Gen Z's personal journey of this research project.

Being wary of our daily digital environment, screenshots while 'mindlessly' scrolling is rearranged in a manner relatable for Gen Z, to instil a sense of understanding of correlations between effects of social acceleration.  As a proposal, the project encourages practices of slowing down the accelerated pace of life, through the analog craft of journaling — stressing on the idea of slowing down personal time. Allowing the time used to be immersed in mindful crafting activities that may resonate within individuals, to encourage Generation Z to take ownership of their use of time, at the Own Time, own pace.

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