Consensual Doxxing

Tech giants have repeatedly violated users' trust by purposefully collecting their personal data and using it to manipulate their behaviours. As such, there is a need to educate the wider public about online vulnerability, as well as provide ways for them to protect and take back control of their personal data.

Consensual Doxxing is a discursive design project aimed at raising awareness around data privacy issues as a result of lacking regulations and the widespread dangers of consumers’ personal data being traded in an increasingly digital world.

It features a microsite providing a voyeuristic perspective on personal data by analysing the data of a real-life individual known as X, while also examining the dangers of being unsuspecting and vulnerable online.

Additionally, Privacy For The Private Person is a guidebook comprising advice from various data privacy critics aimed at educating readers in ways to protect their online privacy. It is designed to be printable at home and available online.

For the full microsite experience and to peruse the guidebook, please visit on a desktop.

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