Re:inventions of Eating

Eating has long become a daily event so routine, so ordinary that it is taken for granted. Today, most meals are little more than refuelling pit stops. Instead of sitting down with family or friends, we often eat solo, on the move, at a hurried pace or distracted by screen-based media. Such lacklustre eating habits do not occur naturally, but are facilitated by the customer-oriented, functionalist thinking of design. Comprising of eating tools, food systems and dining environments, design revolving around the mealtime experience is increasingly optimised for convenience, permeating our food choices and dietary behaviour.

‘Re:inventions of Eating’ presents an ironic counterpoint to our modern consumption tendencies by interrupting and de-automatising the processes that result in thoughtless eating. Opposing the pervasive emphasis on efficient interaction, we implement situated friction and engineered discomfort to suggest behavioural alternatives to established routines. Through critically designed objects and playful embodied experiences, we invite you to contemplate your relationship with food, un-know your current patterns of dining, and approach mealtimes with more mindfulness. With a renewed sensibility towards eating, one may achieve, even if only for a while, inward attention and conscious awareness by being attuned to the present moment.

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