Dining in the Metaverse

The pandemic has altered social dining habits and digitalised commensality—the act of eating together. The rise of digital commensality, together with today’s technologies, has opened up various possibilities for virtual dining experiences. Dining in the Metaverse is a project that explores the potentialities of the metaverse as a form of digital commensality to innovate future virtual dining experiences.

The metaverse is the ‘digital twin’ of our physical world that has served as a virtual space for social interactions and connections over the pandemic. Among all virtual platforms, it is known to be the closest substitute to real-life communities. Presently, various markets have entered the metaverse, digitalising experiences such as concerts and fashion shows. Yet, in this up-and-coming digital trend, the food scene remains an untapped field. Thus, this project will bring the food scene into the metaverse, evolving and creating a new form of digital commensality.

Feat is a service that connects diners in the metaverse to their favourite restaurants. It helps to set up virtual restaurants in the metaverse, where users can visit to order food to their doorsteps, make reservations, and enjoy exclusive deals. It aims to elevate the metaverse experience for its users and create an additional outlet for social interactions through commensality. Additionally, it offers restaurants an alternate digital channel to expand their online business and reach digital natives who prefer brands with seamless technology capabilities.

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