The State of Advertising

Advertising is pervasive, intrusive and pernicious. Citizens of affluent societies are bombarded daily with a plethora of advertisements. As a result, businesses globally employ the use of modern advertising technology such as digital screens to drive profit and promote brand loyalty, leading to a myriad of adverse socio-cultural impacts.

The State of Advertising studies this pervasive advertising in order to generate discourse among Millennial consumers and explore potential opportunities of its circumvention through discursive design artefacts:

AdBlur features a pair of “screenglasses”, mass-produced and distributed by a fictional governmental body in order to address backlash and concerns about screen advertising in non-commercial environments such as residential and commuter spaces. A diegetic prototype akin to sunglasses blocking the sun, it details a lacklustre top-down “one-size-fits-all” approach meant to silence the masses – a critical take to advertising regulation communicated through two satirically written letters.

ADVERSE is a short film depicting the manifestation of a metropolis overrun by consumerism culture. Advertising hijacks virtual real estate, bombarding citizens commuting through its urban built environment thusly illustrating the profit-driven privatisation of public space, the exploitation of communicative user-interfacing elements as well as the augmenting danger of a dystopian "smart-nation" microcosm in situ.

Peace & Stability Pte Ltd. is a photobook that visually communicates the tear in social fabric brought about by the advancement of convenience technology and the resulting displacement of gentrified decade-old family businesses. An interactive aspect is introduced through a smartphone – the very same medium capitalised on by e-commerce and convenience technology.

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