Hello, Where Am I?

Design Statement: With the use of a salutogenic approach, I aim to create an integrated wayfinding system for people with dementia (Up to the moderate stage) in Singapore. This wayfinding system would help people with dementia (PWD) to navigate their way home from within their vicinity.

Target Audience: The target audience of these projects is People Living With Dementia (PLWD in the moderate stage), aged between 60 - 80 that are living in Singapore.

Background Context: To an average human being with basic cognitive abilities, understanding wayfinding systems are relatively easy. For people living with dementia (PLWD), it would be more challenging. Spatial disorientation is among the earlier signs to appear in these people. They experience a decline in their cognitive mapping ability, their visual and cognitive systems with added impairments such as visual hallucinations and changes in colour processing. All these affect how a person with dementia interacts with the wayfinding system around them.

Significance of Project: Dementia is a rising concern in Singapore, targeting at least 1 in 10 elderlies. In addition, We are moving towards an ageing population and we need additional measures for elderlies to age in place comfortably. Majority Singaporeans live in HDB flats, whose designs can be symmetrical and repeated. This makes it difficult for PLWD  to navigate their way around. This project aims to provide better wayfinding systems within neighbourhoods so that PWD have more autonomy to navigate around.

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