This project focuses on communicating the core aspects of K-pop fan experiences in order to create discussions on better curated immersive experiences for the fandom. With the pandemic causing a shift to online, it amplified the loss of certain physical aspects that were key for fans. The project aims to highlight what fans feel and want, serving a reminder on what it means to create immersive experiences for fans.

not-so-immersive is an interactive website to simulate the exaggerated negative experiences of fans attending an online concert during the pandemic. As concerts are the core of K-pop experiences, they undoubtedly had the biggest change when shifted online, and hence was chosen to further highlight the feelings of disconnect.

OUT OF TOUCH is the follow-up guide that details fan experiences and why aspects of physicality take on a new significance as the world transits back into contact again. It contains research on fans and their thoughts on the shift in experiences, new experiences emerging from the pandemic, core aspects of fan experiences and more. Through the book, people would better understand the current landscape of experiences and the essence of a good fan experience.

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