Merantau di Negeri Singa | Wandering in the land of the Lion

Since the late 19th century, migration to new places to make a living has increased. Late teens and early twenties leave home every year to start their independent lives and begin adulting. Students may experience ruminative thoughts about home during their long absences abroad but choose to suppress the feeling as it may depict them as failing to be self-dependent.

Besides Indonesian students' role as students in Singapore, they have to survive independently, stay on top of things in this competitive environment, and take care of their health and nutrition while pursuing goals. These all could easily make one feel lonely, longing for home comfort and even wanting to come home to seek familiarity.

Therefore, this project is a key eye-opener of the real day-to-day lives of Indonesian students in Singapore. The photobook documents the students' activities from early morning to night routines before they sleep. Each image was also layout on a single-sided page so the audience could focus and get immersed in each subject's living environment. The second deliverable is a book of interview excerpts consisting of the inner thoughts of 14 Indonesian students whose journeys in Singapore began months to years ago. The last deliverable is two soft sculptures that could give an actual real-life experience of comfort and discomfort during Indonesian students' homesickness in Singapore based on adjectives collected through a survey.

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