Menstruation Matters

Design Statement: How might we educate and prep pre-menstruating girls for their first period and provide necessary information to girls in their early menstrual years in order to make their experiences of getting a period better.

Context: In India, even the mere mention of menstruation is a taboo. It is considered to be socially, culturally and religiously unacceptable. Any open conversation around menstruation is absent. Sex education is a taboo in India as it is believed to corrupt the youth and offend ‘Indian values’. The current education system incorporates the topic of menstruation only at the age of 13-14 by which most girls have already begun menstruating. These experiences make their relationship with menstruation a negative one.

Objective: To make girls’ early experiences of menstruation better by educating them with required age appropriate information, helping them monitor their period and keeping an account of their menstruating journeys and to make their approach to periods comfortable, positive and fun instead of dreadful, embarrassing and serious.

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