Tenno Creations

What if there is an alternative way to adding value to virtual game items without exploitative monetisation methods games are so infamous for? The Avatar Fashion communities in games often buy/obtain cosmetics virtual items to make their avatar look different. Each user has their own unique creation process of customisation and backstory for their character, however most players are unable to express these ideas/stories in games they play.

This Project aims to create a platform for these players to express their desire for customisation, self-expression, stories and interact with the community by showcasing their different avatar fashion creations, these become user created narratives/stories that increase the value of the items showcased in each creation, encouraging players to want the items for customisation purposes. In turn this aims to show that by involving and interacting with communities games have built can play a part in increasing virtual item purchases, a method that is less exploitative to the player base but also builds goodwill with the players.

Not uploaded yet.