Web Friend

The global COVID-19 pandemic situation has caused the use of digital technology to soar over the past few years. Increased reliance on digital experiences has exposed an overwhelming lack of digital accessibility for people with disabilities. Hence, ‘Web Friend’ is a project that aims to promote and foster better web accessibility standards across digital experiences in Singapore.

The project will be introducing new perspectives to three specific groups of target audiences — all of which play an important role in determining the quality of local digital services and products. The first group consists of UI/UX/Web Design Educators. Change often starts with education and the basics of Web Accessibility should be taught in UI/UX/Web design courses in order for there to be greater understanding and recognition of accessibility. The second group are Aspiring and Current UI/UX/Web Designers, who should understand that following accessibility guidelines does not equate to the constriction of creative freedom. And lastly, Businesses and Stakeholders should see the importance of web accessibility. To achieve this, the concept of accessibility must appear practical, feasible and eventually, profitable.

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