Nostalgia In Retrogaming

This project aims to make individuals feel more appreciative and understanding towards the culture of Retrogaming by identifying the meaningful gameplay elements, such as a player feeling the accomplishment after completing the game, the challenging moral decisions that a player faces within the story of a game and lastly, the attentiveness towards a level design of the game. These experiences are then further linked towards eudaimonia, the state where an individual finds happiness and meaning in the actions that they do - in this case, retrogaming. Other elements that further contributes to nostalgia are identified in this research.

As this project aims to celebrate the culture of Retrogaming, it is targeted towards an audience that knows of Retrogaming and has some participation in the community as well. It also aims to identify the influence Retrogaming has on Modern Games so that it would also help the audience that knows little of the culture to be able to understand why this activity has earned it's undying popularity.

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