Zines as Embodied Pandemic Documents

This project addresses or copes with the phenomenon of pandemic fatigue by exploring with zines and the practice of zine-making to redirect how the pandemic can be communicated and/or documented.  

Healthcare messages and mass communications have been a significant part in urging people to partake in various measures in Singapore through Covid-19. However, this influx of Covid-19 information has resulted in pandemic fatigue, a phenomenon where people experience feelings of exhaustion towards pandemic related messaging and regulations like daily news updates, incessant reminders of social distancing, hand washing, and so on. This perhaps suggests a need for a supplementary approach in addressing the pandemic.

Considering the practical nature of current Covid-19 messaging, this project recommunicates the pandemic using zines; publications that take on a format and approach typically favouring playful, graphical and personal ways of expression. This project presents a body of zines that documents (personal and shared) Covid-19 experiences, musings, and also experiments with various existing, graphical, pandemic-related material (news, posters, objects, etc.) as tools for communication. It also looks into the collaborative / community aspects of zining, by facilitating a zine workshop and having zines composing others’ submissions (photographic, text) within various aspects of the pandemic experience. While doing so, it explores processes in areas like book binding, printmaking, cut-and-paste and so on. In short, this body of zines aims to communicate or reflect on the pandemic with intentions to respond to or aid pandemic fatigue, while perhaps also acting as a small archive of the Covid-19 experience.

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