Rising Waters Singapore

Rising Waters Singapore is an interactive project that started by researching the impact of environmental dystopian and apocalyptic narratives. With the research insights, the project was developed to be an engaging way to encourage Singaporean youths to be more pro-environmental by utilising the concept of geocaching incorporated into trails with Singapore's most pressing climate apocalypse - the rising sea levels as the key message.

The youths will embark on a trail to discover the disappearing coasts of Singapore and find hidden geocaches that would allow them to learn more about climate change. As a result, the youths should leave the experience feeling more aware and motivated to make changes in their living habits that would create a ripple effect in helping to save the environment.

The trail starts with downloading the geocaching app that allows users to discover all the geocaches around them. They can then use the app at the different trail areas - Changi Beach, East Coast Park and Gardens by the Bay, to learn more about how they can help delay the effects of global warming and the rising sea levels.

A website and Instagram account were created to allow the youths easier access and more concise information about the trails. Lastly, an Instagram AR filter was created to help the youths visualise the effects of the rising waters.

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