Title Sequence++

In programming, ++ refers to the increment operator. It increases the value of a variable by 1. It is often used with a “for” structure to create iterations of repetitive forms.

As the title suggests, Title Sequence++ is a collection of experiments that begin to treat title sequences as ‘found material’, presenting iterations of how they could be manipulated beyond their immediate conceptualised form.

Given the paratextual nature of title sequences and how they seem to be ‘new works’ derived from the films they represent, the effectiveness or attractiveness of title sequences could be seen as the result of narrative audacity – to visually abstract the narrative into a compact form of communication and leave the audience to use their cognitive competencies to comprehend their meanings. In response, Title Sequence++ attempts to replicate this process by forming derivatives of what could already be seen as a derivative, further abstracting the contents of these sequences.

The filmic medium is a marriage of independently impoverished images, sound and spaces which when once combined, forms a new composition. Title Sequence++ goes beyond this sentiment by designing new ways to ‘read’ title sequences.

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