Physicalising Distracted Eating

This project magnifies the action of distracted eating; a common behaviour observed in modern society where individuals eating in public are seen to be consuming digital media along with their meals. This action is inherently neither good nor bad; essentially, there is nothing wrong with it, and people can do whatever they want. However, it is also quite peculiar — it reflects just how inundated our lives are with digital devices that it even infiltrates into our moments of nourishment that occur multiple times a day, every single day. This project hence aims to augment and poetise such actions, questioning its ubiquity and normalcy. Consisting of wire and cardboard prototypes, the two series of models share the similar goal of making digital consumption as convenient as possible by creating objects that provide functionality and pleasing aesthetics. This intention hopes to evoke a certain level of dissonance from the user by making the artefact a desirable one.

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