Design (the) Distance

Design (the) Distance documents and studies the vernacular visual language of Singapore’s Covid-19 safe distancing design interventions, and seeks to recognise the efforts of our citizen-designers and their design processes.

Covid-19 design interventions have become ubiquitous worldwide as a first line of defence against the pandemic. Similarly, design interventions have proliferated in Singapore, and in unique manners with the use of high-visibility tape, orange mesh barriers and other ephemeral materials. The effects of the pandemic and safe distancing have been experienced by many, and this project proposes an alternate view on the global epidemic, placing designed objects and the people who implement them at the forefront.

As society progresses towards further recovery from the pandemic, this project continues to serve as a means of typology for Covid-19 SMM design interventions in Singapore. It may also serve as a case study for future situations where there may be a need for the development of design interventions.

Through a series of mini-documentaries and other unstructured interviews, Design (the) Distance has uncovered the creativity and endearing efforts of citizen-designers in their implementation of safe distancing design interventions. Participatory workshops with designers by profession were also conducted in exploration of the value of co-creating impactful designs for societies between citizen-designers and designers by profession.

After eight months of deep dive into the expansive SMM design interventions in Singapore and speaking to citizen-designers and users alike, this body of work has grown from a visual research project to become a celebration of our citizen-designers' creativity.

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