Unconventionally Ornate

Using a stock pile of discarded and donated electronics, this project aims to repurpose them into fashion accessories. By deconstructing the electronics, new insight is gained into its construction and use of materials which informs the creation of the new design.

The outcomes are supposed to be experimental rather than aiming for one perfect outcome. While designing the accessories, the thought of commercial viability was immaterial. It was more centred on responding to the shape, form, and material of each piece and building something from it. This resulted in something unexpected developing from each object that is not entirely functional, helping the viewer examine their relationship with everything ornamental in electrical objects better.

Each accessory is an attempt to transform its character or the way it functions. The intention was to investigate and identify the ornamental potential of modern day electronics and place them outside their original context to illustrate the concept of contemporary ornament and what exactly this looks like in modern design. This project makes the viewer more design conscious of everyday ornament and puts electronics in a fresh perspective which is usually taken for granted as their functionality is absorbed into the mundane reality of everyday life.

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